Frequently Asked Questions (METALWORKING)

Why is your equipment so much less expensive ?

We have a small manufacturing facility located in Ontario CA.  Overhead is very minimal and we have few employees .  We pass those savings to you.

What else will I need to run the plasma cutting machine?

Our CNC Plasma cutting machines will only require a plasma cutter and air compressor.   This CAN be purchased elsewhere OR directly from us.  We recommend you purchasing your plasma cutters directly from an authorized dealer in order to avoid complications with the plasma cutter warranty.

What is the maximum metal cutting thickness?

The plasma cutting thickness is entirely dependent on the maximum thickness of the plasma cutter that you attach to the CNC machine.

Does your CNC Machine support my current plasma cutter?

We recommend Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Everlast, and Miller.  Low cost high-frequency plasma cutters will not work with the CNC machines due to interference to the computer.

Do you include drawing programs?

Inkscape and Q-Cad softwares are included free.

What operating softwares do you include? 

Our machines ship standard with MyPlasm Software or Mach 3 & Sheetcam.  (Optional)

I have no computer knowledge, will it be easy to learn?

Very minimal computer knowledge is needed to operate the machine.  Our technicians offer support to assist and educate you on operating.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, please see the "Apply For Financing" button on our website home page.

Do you ship to my country?

Please contact us for a customized shipping quote to your area.